Privacy Policy

NOTE: Please read this disclaimer in its entirety before using our web site. For the purpose of this disclaimer, G. Lemay Construction (2006) Inc. will be referred to as « Maisons Lemay Homes».

Your privacy is very important. Maisons Lemay Homes is dedicated in offering the best possible service while protecting the privacy and safeguard of personal information.

At the time of purchase of a home or property, certain personal informations are necessary during the different steps of purchase from the offer to its acceptance, legal or notary acts, transfer of public services and other governmental requests.

After delivery of a new home, certain personal informations will be necessary in order to offer proper after sale service.

However, be assured that personal information will be used for the following reasons:

  • to answer an information request
  • to complete a purchase transaction and to offer after sale service
  • to permit sub-trades, foremen and service representatives, public utility services and government services, banks and credit bureaus to complete the sale of a home and to offer after sale service

We prohibit the sale, transfer or sharing of personal information with third parties for any other purposes than those identified above unless consent has been given to Maisons Lemay Homes. Maisons Lemay Homes relies on you to be kept abreast of any changes in personal information so that proper after sale service may be achieved.

Our employees are also aware of the sensitivity of personal information and its confidentiality. Maisons Lemay Homes does not collect information via their website other than the information submitted to us through an email or other form of communication. At that time, the information is considered confidential and will be used to respond to your requests, or to share with you further information in regards to Maisons Lemay Homes’ products and services.